The Song of the 'Patriot' - Navalny's Memoir

Multiple news outlets confirmed earlier today that the late Russian political activist and Putin's staunchest political opponent, Alexei Navalny, did pen down a memoir while recuperating in Germany after the poisoning attempts made on his life by Russian secret agents. The news reports have also confirmed, citing his wife Yulia Navalny, that the memoir is aptly titled as 'Patriot' and will be published posthumously in the U.S. by Knopf with simultaneous global release across most countries. Also, it is scheduled to be out in 14 languages globally on October 22, 2024 with the first print run likely to be in almost half a million copies. The memoir, reportedly, captures Alexei's childhood and upbringing in Soviet Union during the Cold War, values and belief system instilled in him, his journey towards politics as Putin's potential nemesis, multiple assassination attempts on him and, most importantly, the thinking behind his decision to return from Germany to his motherland, Russia, for what was already being projected widely by the West as a potential suicide. Navalny, however, did mention in his interviews given to the Western media before departing Germany that he did not want to give up on his country as well as his belief system which residing in exile would have inadvertently ensured. However, only time will tell whether his exceptional bravery and die-hard patriotism succeeds in fueling the fire of revolution to bring about a meaningful and radical political change and leads to realization of his dream of a beautiful future for Russia going forward. Long Live the Patriot and his Beautiful Dream...Amen

Rajat Narang - The Radioactive Warzone

4/12/20241 min read

Image Credits: Evgeny Feldman, Usgae under CC-BY-SA 4.0