South Korean Jets Set to Receive Bigger Firepower Capability with Meteor and IRIS-T Missiles

The KAI is set to provide even bigger firepower capability to its latest jets, including, the KF-21 Boramae and FA-50/T-50 following the signing of the latest MoU between KAI and Diehl Defence which clears the pathway for the integration of Diehl's IRIS-T missile onto the South Korean fighter jets going forward. The IRIS-T, with its invaluable thrust vectoring capability and the ability to be able to maneuver mid-way while being on its way towards its target while withstanding almost 100G forces, has proved its immense capabilities & mettle in the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war and enabled its producer Diehl a series of new orders from a broad customer base, including, the Republic of South Korea, which becomes the latest one to have placed the order for the IRIS-T. South Korea had recently also signed an agreement with another European missile maker, MBDA, earlier to procure the Meteor missile onto the South Korean fighter jets. These latest series of agreements are likely to ensure that the KF-21 and FA-50/T-50 are equipped with the most potent and capable missile systems and the move is likely to further enhance their appeal as well as demand in the international exports market going forward.


2/22/20241 min read

Image Credits: KF-21A (Author), Usage: CC BY-SA 4.0