Saab to Establish its First, 100% Owned Defense Production Facility in India

Saab is set to establish its first, 100% owned weapons production facility in India. The company plans for a bigger role as a supplier in the Indian defense equipment market and has laid the foundation for the establishment of its first weapons production facility which is all set to start the production of the M4 Carl Gustaf 84mm caliber shoulder-fired, lightweight, recoilless gun from 2025. The M4 has been used extensively globally for anti-armor and anti-personnel applications since the invention of the weapon system in the second half of the 1940s decade. The Indian Armed Forces have been actively & successfully using the weapon since the mid-1970s for destroying reinforced enemy structures, including, enemy bunkers, command posts and armor etc. Saab has established the facility under the Government of India's 100% FDI in defense policy and the company plans to participate in the GoI's Make in India program as well going forward. The local presence of Saab, as the globally established acknowledged weapon systems producer, in India augurs well for the company which would be hoping to produce & pitch its other latest defense systems and equipment to the Indian Armed Forces...


3/5/20241 min read

Image Credits: Reise Reise, Usage under CC BY-SA 4.0