Nuclear War in the 21st Century: A Hopeless Scenario for Mankind...

If a nuclear war breaks out between potential adversaries possessing nuclear weapons in the 21st Century, about 60% of the world's population (pegged at 8 billion as of 2023) or 5 billion people are going to disappear from the face of Earth, as per a scenario analysis conducted by author Annie Jacobsen, based on interviews with credible sources & domain experts, in her latest book, "Nuclear War: A Scenario" just published on March 28, 2023. The magnitude of destruction, which is likely to be caused by the breakout of a potential nuclear war, thus, is going to be at least 5X more deadlier than what had been analyzed and assessed in the year 1969. An internal assessment by the U.S. State Department had estimated in 1969 that a potential nuclear war between the United States and the Soviet Union would have killed 100 million people on each side or a third of the population of both the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. and collectively would have caused 1 billion people people to die globally, which would have been a third of the world's population back then, which was 3 billion. The global nuclear weapons arsenal, back then in 1969, stood at 38, 621 weapons globally with the United States possessing 27,552 nuclear weapons while the Soviet Union had 10,671 nukes. The latest numbers on nuclear weapons although have reduced drastically (courtesy the disarmament treaties signed after the end of Cold War during the 1990s decade) at 12,500 nuclear weapons possessed globally by 9 nuclear weapon states, with both the U.S. and Russia possessing around 5,000+ nuclear weapons each, as of January 2023. The latest estimates from the book point towards the same horrific truth that a potential nuclear war is going to be apocalyptic for a civilization which has somehow managed successfully to survive on planet Earth for almost 12,000 years. However, the grim reality remains that a potential breakout of a nuclear war on Earth is going to change that in a matter of minutes and end that altogether in a matter of hours...Read "Nuclear War" to know as to how that could potentially pan out (God Forbid)... For more insights and a deeper dive into the evolution of the threat of nuclear weapons on Earth since Trinity, the following 3-part book series is highly recommended:- The Fire of the Gods: Oppenheimer's Legacy - The Evolutionary History of Nuclear Age available at

Rajat Narang - The Radioactive Warzone

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