Human Spirit & Resilience - How a 98 Year Old Ukrainian Woman Walked 10 Km Under Fire Without Food or Water to Safety

Ukraine's interior ministry recently released a video of a 98 year old Ukrainian woman who walked on foot for over 10 km under fire without food or water in Ukraine's Donetsk region, from her village Ocheretyne, in order to escape Russian strikes and reach safety. The woman, named Lidia Stepanivna, said after being rescued by the Ukrainian military personnel, ‘I survived that war (Second World War), and I am surviving this war’. She further said that she walked without food or water and fell several times, but her character & resilience kept her going. She also said that the current war, which Russia is waging against her country, is nothing like the Second World War. She further added, "Houses are burning and trees are getting uprooted." The video released by the Ukrainian Police on social media is available at Complete story is available at:

Rajat Narang - The Radioactive Warzone

5/2/20241 min read

Image Credits: Associated Press