BAE Systems Showcases Advanced Capabilities for U.S. Army's AMPVs.

BAE Systems, which has been producing the Advanced Multi Purpose Vehicles (AMPVs) for the U.S. Army as a replacement for the M113 APCs, has showcased advanced capabilities for the AMPV at the currently ongoing Association of the U.S. Army's Global Force Symposium 2024 being held in Huntsville, Alabama, The AMPV program formally entered the full rate production phase in 2023 with BAE Systems ramping up production rate on the program. The original AMPVs produced by BAE Systems were turretless, in terms of configuration. However, BAE Systems has now worked on the development a new universal top plate which enables the integration of a range of different, unmanned turret configurations on the AMPVs for a broad range of roles, including, Counter-UAS role and 120mm Mortars firing capability as per the requirement. BAE Systems has self-funded the development of the new top plate, also referred to as the Extended Mission Equipment Package (ExMEP), geared towards extending the scope of application of the AMPV platform beyond the original 5 mission variants it is being currently produced in. BAE Systems showcased the advanced capabilities of the AMPV by integrating an Elbit Systems' built turret on the platform. BAE Systems had earlier also tested the integration of a Patria-built turret for 120mm mortar firing capability earlier. The flexibility of being able to integrate a broad range of turrets, thus, further adds to the versatility of AMPV as a platform which is also likely to increase its popularity across international markets for exports given the customization capability.


3/28/20241 min read

Image Credits: BAE Systems