After Prigozhin, It's Navalny's Turn

After the highly anticipated predictable demise of Prigozhin in a private plane crash in Russia last year, its the turn of Putin's staunchest political opponent, Alexei Navalny, who died mysteriously yesterday in Polar Wolf, Russia's high security Arctic prison, located way up north in the icy Arctic. Navalny had survived multiple assassination over the years, including, a nerve agent poisoning, however, he, seemingly, ran out of luck this time around and succumbed to Putin's political ambitions, thereby, becoming just another name in a long series of such victims who crossed Putin's path. Navalny had earlier undertaken the unthinkable and almost suicidal step as he decided to return to Russia in 2021 after surviving an almost lethal Novichok poisoning attempt and recovering from it in Germany. However, no one really expected him to be able to survive Putin's atrocious regime but no one also expected that he would meet his end this soon. The timing of Navalny's death, just before Russia's farcical presidential elections, also is quite significant and indicative of Putin's intentions as the last possible powerful voice of dissent against him, too, has been silenced effectively, thereby, paving the way for further consolidation of his grip on power in a country which has a long history of dictatorial regimes and well-developed as well extensively used system of gulags for political dissenters. Read about Navalny's description of his last week in the Arctic prison in his own words Image Credits: Mitya Aleshkovskiy (Author), Usage under CC BY-SA 2.0



2/17/20241 min read